Love your self. Be your own person…

When we take on responsibilities that might be better handled by others, it sometimes takes us down the lane where we begin to lose our balance and slide down from generosity to martyrdom. Because women are likely to be the primary caretakers for children as well as for aging parents, we have ample chances to fall into the pattern of serving the people we love before we think or care about ourselves. But one can be judicious about that. For people who always put someone else first, encourages a tendency for others to depreciate you, to lose respect, because respect comes from an understanding that that person has her own ambitions, dreams, and desires too.

Yes, one can have equal concerns, compassion & affection for everyone around. This is not an either-or scenario of conflicting priorities. If you choose to love own self first, you don’t demean or undermine the value of others. In fact, being skilled at taking care of yourself may improve your capacity to care for others.


I have observed women who engage themselves in endlessly serving others, in turn seeking acknowledgment, appreciation so they can prove they are good in their own eyes. That’s compensation & not self-fulfillment. You don’t need others to approve your goodness. You cannot regress yourself to make others progress.

If you are awesome, you will attract awesomeness. If you are a mess, you will attract a mess. When you don’t know how to love your self, you may end up getting into relationships for the wrong reasons: to battle loneliness, to seek attention, to appeal to comfort or to ease away pain…

True fulfillment arises from becoming the person you want to be. Self-growth leads to thorough self love, self-awareness, more realistic aspirations. Learn what makes you strive for greatness, what makes you angry, what makes you live for more — your goals, passions, disappointments.

Self nourishment

How many times have you been mad at yourself for missing opportunities, chances, people or for being stuck in the past and allowing it to compromise your future? Learn about yourself. Live a little, and respect your self; gain a greater understanding of who you want to be and love that person. Happiness needs to be your biggest project and it only requires one set of hands: your own.

It’s time you be your own person!




Aditi Sharma

Aditi Sharma, entrepreneur & owner of SHABD Creatives, is copywriter, brand consultant and a curious mind at large. A double Gold Medalist MBA, she writes regular features for The Times of India. Beyond being a Certified Graphic Designer & Search Engine Marketing Specialist, she teaches Advertising & Marketing at various institutes as Visiting Faculty.

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